We provide expert digital brand enforcement services in securing your online presence through real-time monitoring of improper and unlawful use of a trademark or infringement violations. We provide specialist intellectual property consultancy on how to protect your digital assets from all cases of online abuse and represent clients in the arbitration of infringement disputes.

Brand monitoring & detection – real-time monitoring across all digital platforms. We scan for trademark infringement across a variety of digital channels; web, mobile apps, peer to peer networks & social media

Domain name backorder – to recover an expired / deleted domain name

Expert IP management of arbitration and judicial procedures in domain recovery with accredited bodies. We manage all necessary administration when representing our clients in accordance with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), Uniform Rapid Suspension Procedure (URS) and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Our expert legal advisers file all disputes on behalf of our clients and manage the complaints process in an efficient and cost-effective manner, protecting your brand from all cases of online infringement. Our enforcement services reinforce your brands online presence and ultimately secure your digital assets lawfully.



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